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  Welcome user! You may have noticed this page is not in Spanish, this is because I want the following rules to be clear enough for everyone :) Please read them all in order to be able to download my CC.

- You may use all the content you find here to creat your stables and/or horses.

- If someone asks you where you got the content please direct them to me or this page.

- If you would like to suggest anything please send me a PM on UESN, Equus Community, Equus-Sims, Sims a Caballo or Spain Equestrian Sims.

- Everything found here has been created by me, so you can't say that is yours or use this content as a base to create yours.

- If you would like to use something from here as base always contact me first for permission.

Este sitio no recibe la aprobación ni está afiliada con Electronic Arts, ni con ninguna de sus licencias. Las Marcas registradas son propiedad de sus respectivos dueños.
Los contenidos y materiales del juego pertenecen a los derechos de autor Electronic Arts Inc.

© 2015-2019 Yeguada Xantre

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